Jónas Ásgeir Ásgeirsson is a classical accordionist based in Copenhagen where he is enrolled in the post-graduate programme of the Royal Danish Academy of Music under the tutelage of Geir Draugsvoll, one of the leading accordion soloist/pedagouges worldwide.

Jónas has won awards both as a soloist and chamber musician. He was among the prize winners of the „Young Soloists“ competition hosted by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and The Icelandic University of the Arts and as a reward played as soloist with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. This made him the first Icelander to play an accordion concerto with the orchestra. Jónas has since performed as a soloist with orchestras on several occasions.

Jónas‘s focus is on furthering the image of the classical accordion as a serious classical instrument and showcasing the multidude of possibilities the instrument possesses. He plans to achieve this by performing recitals and participating in festivals with a varied repertoire over a wide range of platforms. Furthermore he aims to work closely with composers to expand the accordion literature and allow other artists to gleam the potential of this wonderful instrument. Jónas has already premiered works by Icelandic composers Finnur Karlsson (For All the Wrong Reasons, Óratoría, Accordion Concerto) and Friðrik Margrétar-Guðmundsson (Fikta), and is performing pieces by renowned Icelandic composers Atli Ingólfsson (Radioflakes) and Þuríður Jóndsóttir (Installation around a heart-A soundscape for accordion and ensemble). Jónas is currently working on an album of Icelandic contemporary music for the classical accordion with tonmeister Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir, which will include Finnur Karlsson’s new concerto, a new solo work from Þuríður Jónsdóttir, and newly discovered works by Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson and Atli Heimir Sveinsson. The album will be released by Dacapo Records in 2022.

As well as being a virtuosic soloist, Jónas is a member of several ensembles. The Icelandic accordion trio ítríó has played widely and won several awards, lastly in June 2017 when they received the first prize in the annual chamber music competition of The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Furthermore, they were one of eleven ensembles chosen to participate in the Danish Radio’s chamber music competition. Jónas is also a member of EKKI MINNA Duo, an accordion/cello duo with Andrew Power, which has performed at international contemporary music festivals and received exceptional reviews. Finally, Jónas founded and plays in KIMI ensemble, where he performs with Þórgunnur Anna Örnólfsdóttir (voice) and Katerina Anagnostidou (percussion). KIMI was recently nominated for concert of the year at the Icelandic Music Awards.